For centuries, Ancient Chinese Medicine has practiced placentophagy by steaming, dehydrating, and grinding the placenta for ingestion by the new mother.  The benefits of this practice include replacing valuable nutrients that the mother loses during birth, as well as balancing her hormones after birth to help boost milk production and ward off Baby Blues & Post-Partum Depression. (This is why most mammals instinctively consume their placentas after giving birth)
Placentas processed by Made Of Miracles Birth Services are processed using a Tradtional Chinese Method* (TCM) inspired process with ginger and lemon, with a turnaround time of less than 48 hours for every order.
Optional Tincture available for a nominal fee. Tincture has an indefinite shelf life (does not go bad).

NOW OFFERING FLAVORED CAPSULES for a nominal fee! Great for moms who have trouble swallowing pills normally. 


*Raw method also available upon request.


Consumption of your placenta after giving birth is believed to boost the mother's mood, iron levels, milk supply, and energy level. Studies are currently underway to confirm these and other benefits, and multiple surveys of mothers who have practiced placentophagy report the same findings.