Testimonials from Past Clients

These are the honest and unedited testimonials submitted by my clients.  Their words touch me deeply, and remind me WHY I am doing this incredible work of heart. 

From a Military Wife

"Gaile's generous military discount made it possible for us to have a doula at the birth of our second child. She was a fantastic help, and it felt great knowing she is a fellow MilSpouse. I don't think I could have achieved my goal of a natural birth without her support!"

From a First Time Mom

"As first time parents, we really did not know what we had gotten ourselves into – but any time we felt overwhelmed, Gaile was just a phone call or text message away, and always came through with reliable information and support. In fact, her information was so accurate, that our doctor would later give us the same exact answers, almost verbatim. We came to trust her 100%"

From a Mommy with a Previous Traumatic Birth

"I was told by a friend to think about a doula and when I started searching I came across Gaile. The birth of my second child was amazing thanks to her. Lucky my husband was able to be there and she was a huge help to both of us. Not only was I able to walk through contractions and avoid getting my epidural till later she helped my husband stay calm as well, he gets a bit worked up in the birth room."

From a High Risk Mommy

"I'm so grateful Gaile was my doula. She listened to my requests and helped to communicate them with hospital staff.  She was never pushy or upset if I didn't do something as I initially planned. She went above and beyond to be available the moment I knew I was getting admitted and stayed well after I delivered to make sure we were settled."